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Services and Prices

Massage Therapy Fees ~
$100/60 min 
$130/90 min
$180/120 min (1 person limit)

Modalities and Benefits

Integrated Technique Therapy
Integrated Technique Massage is a focused combination of NMT and sports therapy integrated with Swedish massage. As all massage treatments are extremely thorough and relaxing, integration can alleviate psychological and emotional distress along with structural balance, pain and symptoms. Integration will enrich a happy, youthful and healthy mind, body, spirit and allow health and wellness to prevail for an improved quality of LIFE.

Relaxing Swedish Massage Therapy
Swedish Massage is a combination of relaxing stroke techniques with focus toward the heart used to relax and detoxify the soft tissues of the body. Swedish therapy brings many benefits including general relaxation, improves circulation, digestion breathing and sleep, alleviates stress, depression and anxiety and speeds up the overall process of healing..  

Neuromuscular  Massage Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is detailed with properly applied pressure to trigger point areas that manipulate the soft tissues of the body and achieve balance between the body's central nervous system and musculoskeletal system. NMT is beneficial for structural balance correction, restoring muscle tone and alleviates many common pains and symptoms, such as chronic headaches, neck and shoulder pain, upper, middle and lower back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Dowager's, Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Tennis/Golfers elbow, sciatic pain, PMS and much, much more.

Clinical Sports Massage Therapy

Clinical Sports Therapy is a combination of compression, stretching, range of motion and muscle energy techniques (MET's). designed to allow unrestricted, optimal movement to enhance athletic performance and endurance, postural corrections and more effective recovery by utilizing pre-event, post-event and injury treatment. Sports Therapy is most beneficial several consecutive weeks prior to any sports event with the intention to prevent any serious injury.  

Pregnancy Massage Pre and Post
Massage enabling the mother for a comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy.

TMJ Therapy ~ (60 min session)
For the TMJ Joint dysfunction. This is an intense massage including the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and chest in effort to release aggravating tension of the internal and external jaw line that causes lock jaw, clicking of the jaw, grinding of teeth, sinus tension headaches, migraines and much more... 

Reflexology~ (90 min session)
Massage of the feet and legs will release tension in both areas. More importantly, helps release the agonizing pain people experience with chronic foot pain like, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes, leg cramps, shin splints and ankle discomfort.  

Infrared Body Wrap `````NOT currently offered~~~
60 minute packages ~ 1=$40 ~ 3=$85 ~ 5=$120~ 8=$165
Infrared Body Wrap is a relaxing heat wrap used to detoxify the body of free radicals, by-products, toxins and  inflammation stuck in the body causing pain and joint mobility problems. It's benefit is to detox the blood to improve circulation and digestion to help relieve and even help prevent many common diseases, such as, arthritis and swelling pain from inflammation that lead to many diseases. While detoxing the body, the bodywrap is also reducing the appearance cellulite and unwanted fat ultimately allowing weight loss. *** A sweat suit and socks MUST be warn in the body wrap.***



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