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Meet The Therapist

Massage therapy is great for recreational, relaxation and bliss, however; it's also for anyone who suffers from common pain and symptoms, slight or chronic. Massage therapy has been proven (with certain exceptions) to help solve these problems no matter when the pain started. My intention as your therapist is to seek out the source of your pain issue in order to release the tension from your body indefinitely. I am here to help you function in life again at 100% and help you regain the level of activties you once enjoyed, without using invasive massage therapy techniques.

Hi!  My name is Lisa Wright. I am the professional massage therapist of PureBody Wellness Studio and I am excited to help you reach your health and wellness goals. I am certified through ASHA School of Massage (Academy of Somatic Healing Arts) and I am Licensed in your great state of Georgia to practice massage therapy.
Lic # MT005940 

I am very passionate & focused in many different practices of massage & often integrate different therapies as needed to get the significant results needed for you to reach your physical goals. My therapy manipulation techniques are state of the art and have been proven to work for many years on many people.

I am extremely knowledgeable and clearly understand the junction & biomechanics of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system of the body which is important when it comes to understanding your pain and knowing how to release it.  I am endlessly evolving my therapy skills through continuing education, experience & self awareness. My ultimate goal here is to help you  achieve your optimum level of health, well-being and 
 physical endurance goals as effective, safe and as quickly as possible.

Based on my knowledge as a professional therapist... it's all about circulation, cleansing the body and blood of impurities to alleviate inflammation causing common disease and joint disfunction. I can't stress enough that massage therapy is a very big part of this process along with the right nutrition, plenty of water, the right exercise and adequate rest. These simple steps are life changers and has been proven
over and over again for folks to regain their strength, endorance, and freedom of pain. 

I am ready to help you achieve your wellness goals while getting healthy, pain free and improving your overall quality of life...and keeping it that way!!

Kindest regard,
Lisa Wright, LMT

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